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Why is the Liver the Soul of the Body?

Mary Said: “The 3rd Depth is nearest to the Dot/Creator (the 8th depth) which means if you wish to know the creator, you need to study the 3rd Depth.”

The Safety Energy Locks #4 & 22 are vital in understanding the story of the Liver Flow. #4 is the ending of one exhale cycle and the beginning of one cycle of inhalation. Exhalation brings Spirit into Matter while Inhalation helps Matter go back to Spirit. Another way to say this is that in 1 breath, the Exhale helps the unmanifested becomes manifested while the the Inhale helps what was manifested go back to the unmanifested realm, in one cycle. #4 also helps provide us with a transition state and helps us to light up the invisible realm/ the unseen world, providing us sight to it, which is ultimately Vision. #4 is the weaving princess which weaves and weaves which makes it similar to the Diagonal Mediator which is also 3rddepth in nature. As for #22, it helps us to set free our perceptions in unlimited Dimensions and it is the meeting place of the 144,000 functions of the body. It helps us to adapt properly to our surroundings and if our #22s are open, we are happy and contented no matter where we are. Perhaps this is why if the #4 & 22 were free, the liver function energy is free, providing lubricant to our joints which affect our movement. As for movement, we start to walk and move with our #1s which is the prime mover, connecting us from the highest and lowest planes of the earth.

In the circulation pattern of the Liver Function energy, this flow connects and commingles with each of the 12 Bodily Flows and 5 Facilitator Flows to supply our physical body with the energy it needs to sustain life and 17 (12 Bodily + 5 Facilitator Flows) represents the spirit and the liver itself represents the spirit in another manner.

Here is the Circulation Pattern of the Liver Flow From Pamela’s Book 2 In Details:

At 2 AM the Gall Bladder Function Energy Circulation Pattern, which arrived at the front (ventral) side of the big toe, changes into the Liver Function Energy Circulation pattern at the tip of the big toe nail. This begins ascending the inner (medial) ankle, up to the leg, through the groin into the symphysis pubis. Here the two flows come together to cross and ascend the abdomen and continues up the sides of the stomach. The left crosses to the right side of the abdomen, stomach and into the gall bladder. The right crosses to the left side of the abdomen, stomach and into the pancreas. Both flows go through the diaphragm, immediately separating into “A”, “B”, and “C”.

“A” ascending to the first front rib flows to the opposite sides under the arm area, This then scatters and flows into the pleura. “B” crosses at the throat and goes up the opposite sides and ascends through the back of the eyes it then flows into the head and changes into the Cerebrum Flow. This then descends from the back of the head along the esophagus and scatters at the outer sides of the stomach. “C” flows immediately into the lungs. At 4 AM the Liver Function Energy Circulation Pattern changes into the Lung Function Energy Circulation Pattern.

As Liver is part of the 3rd Depth Dimension which is part of the Element Wood which makes it related to all the properties of the 3rd Depth. The Number 8 is the number of the 3rd depth because when you study the Yi Jing(易经), this relationship of the numbers is taught and explained clearly in there base on Chinese numerology and Feng Shui  (风水) and the relationship of Hexagram. The number 8 is a number of cosmic balance, symbol of multiple and infinite magic and connects us to the manifested plane from the unmanifested plane  presented by the ancient text of the Kojiki. #8 is also divine and sacred number because the source of all sources is the 8th depth as mentioned earlier.  8 also represents the concept of As Above, So Below and As Below, So Above which was also mentioned in the Bible and other ancient texts.

The 3rd Depth is actually our source of energy and is related to our source of blood meaning that if this attribute of our body is out of balance, the entire body will be out of balance as the basis of blood circulation is compromised. In the order of creation, the third depth is the first depth to receive life force from the 6th depth (unmanifested realm). If Liver Function energy is out of harmony, it interfere with the work of the trinity flow energy and causes anger and frustration to occur in excess rather than living life out of effortless reality.

So is liver the soul of the body? I will leave that completely for you to think about.

With Love & Light

Jin Shin Institute Support Team

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  • Nancy on

    I am so very new to this. I find this very overwhelming. My question is what if your gallbladder has been removed disturbing the natural flow? I wake up every night at 2AM. My practitioner feels I am awakening to the shift and have a keen awareness of this. Thoughts? I do have issues with my right hip and right great toe…..curious

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