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How to Give a Complete Treatment

This is a response to an email from a student who purchased the Curriculum Package from Pamela and wanted a protocol and guidance for giving a treatment. We hope it will be helpful to others who have the material …

Over the years, in response to the increasing demands of my cliental, I developed a method of treatment that achieved the most beneficial results for the client and stayed within the suggested treatment time. A growing Jin Shin Jyutsu practice, teaching, and coordinating classes for Mary left me little time to waste. All of my client’s were expected to be active participants in their well-being which is why daily self-help assignments are by necessity a recommendation for giving a complete treatment.

In the section titled “How to Give a Complete Treatment” (Reference Handbook, pg. 30-33), I have listed some of the key scanning procedures I use to uncover important clues to determine which energy level and/or flow(s) will meet their personalized needs. This list is by no means all of the different ways energy imbalance can reveal itself. Throughout the Trinity Class DVDs and Textbooks 1 and 2 are many notes and important pieces of information that might be specific to you or your client’s particular situation.

In the section, Bridging Numbers and Depths (Textbook 3), are informational charts combining many aspects and interconnections of the different energetic flows that occur within the body. These charts pull together some of the information that I access when I “listen” to pulses. It would be disingenuous to imply that these charts have all the answers you will use in determining a treatment strategy and they were not created for that purpose. My intention was for you to use them as a study tool or quick reference and they helped me explain some important flow relationships. My own learning style is more intuitive (by memory) but some students, in the beginning, might find this approach to the understanding of the relationship and intermingling of energy levels to be helpful...

Seasonal Tip
Winter: The color is blue/black.
The associated organs and functions are the bladder and kidney. Attitude of imbalance is FEAR. The harmonizer for fear is LOVE.
A quickie to energize and balance this function is to simply grasp the entire index finger with the opposite hand until you feel a rhythmic pulse. 

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