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the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning.
"we shall allow our intuition to guide us"
In Jin Shin Jyutsu, intuition plays an important role in treating clients. We all have the innate ability to receive information by intuition. It is our "gut feeling". When a client first lies down on the table (or sometimes even before) my intuition tells me which flow will be most effective for this particular person. When I then listen to the pulses, I often will feel just exactly what my intuition already told me. I am still always slightly surprised how accurate our intuition is and how we can trust it. Now, immediately after receiving the message from our intuition, we sometimes start to think about it and analyze it, maybe even doubt it. I have done it and then decided to give another flow because my mind thinks it makes" more sense". Interesting enough, well into the session, the flow that was first intuited is still needed. Today I trust that my intuition will guide me correctly. Also, I am often asked "how do you know where the bulls eye is so precisely?". This is a similar situation. My intuition guides me, it goes beyond thinking or probing to find the bulls eye. It is about trusting and innate knowing where to go to allow our intuition to take full form, it is important that we are an open vessel to receive these messages that come to all of us. It can be tainted by analyzing, overthinking, speculating and doubting. It is worth experimenting with this concept and see what it will bring you.
Please post your comments about your experience using your intuition. 

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  • Denis on

    Hi. Some people are way to out of sync with themselves to even know there is an intuition. How can JSJ help to reconnect with one’s intuition? Any specific SEL? Thanks!

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