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Worry Not, Healing Is Here...

On a mild Winter Monday evening in the third week of the new year, we gathered in the Upper East side at the Jin Shin Institute for a bi-weekly class. In attendance, a small yet vibrant group of women from all ages and nationalities. The atmosphere is bubbly as the women engage in various  introductory conversations. The class has started, instructor Alexis passes the students a card with a hand pictured on it. With the card as our map, Alexis addresses a number of ailments and how to heal them using different energy flows. Today’s organs of interest: the bladder and kidney. “Is there anyone who wants to share specific details about their qualities?” “The kidney is always about fear” states an older student. “Especially during these (politically charged) times, fear is very prevalent in our society.” This makes the kidney and bladder an applicable area of interest during this evening’s class, “because they are so interconnected, and the liver too” she adds. “They are always working together.” Worry and fear, we then discuss.  Two big emotions. When you are feeling fearful, hold the index finger and see how that feels. What causes disharmony in the body? That’s what we’re talking about next. Organ flow is key. The goal is to make sure everything is in synch to guarantee optimal health and feeling good. It’s now time for the students to perform a “practice” treatment while fellow students observe and provide feedback. Want to learn more? Join us at our next class!


Mahelia de Randamie

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